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About Us

Photo Desta

Photo Desta started its operations around 40 years ago in Asmara. What was a single studio black and white photo services company in the beginning, Photo Desta has blossomed to more than 10 branches across Ethiopia with full fledged photo services today....

We deliver these services with at most quality that resulted from years of experience in the photo industry.

Photo Desta

While we appreciate you wanting to work with us, we would like to assure you that you will love every moment with us as we are willing to go the extra mile to fulfill your service requirements. We look forward to working with you.

Photo Desta

Photo Desta is known for these qualities and all clients who come to us do so because of these particular traits of our studio.

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Why Choose Us?

We do not do our work by the default, accepted standards or the whims of our clients. We see ourselves as capable, competent professionals and treat our work very seriously. We see our clients as unique people with their own specific beauty aspects, matching colors and flowers, type and design of clothes. We do not support copying previously practiced styles or taking the ideas of our clients if they clash and cannot go along with our vision for the particular wedding.